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Tegan and Sara Visit MLB Fan Cave

In a recent concert at the MLB Fan Cave, Tegan and Sara played tracks off their new album, Heartthrob.


  • Closerituneslink
  • Goodbye, Goodbyeituneslink
  • I Was a Foolituneslink
  • I'm Not Your Heroituneslink
  • Drove Me Wildituneslink
  • How Come You Don't Want Meituneslink
  • I Couldn't Be Your Friendituneslink
  • Love They Sayituneslink
  • Now I'm All Messed Upituneslink
  • Shock To Your Systemituneslink
Lifehouse - Album

About Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara's 13-year career has seen them build an avid global following of fans and fellow musicians. Their unique ability to bridge the pop and indie worlds has allowed their music to cross all traditional boundaries of genre, from being covered by The White Stripes to collaborating with superstar DJs such as Tiesto and David Guetta. After nearly one million career albums sold and tours with acts from The Killers to Neil Young, Tegan and Sara have now released their seventh studio album, Heartthrob.

"No one will confuse this with any of our other records," Sara says. "It's got a bigger, bolder, happier sound."

Tegan is explicit about the supersized ambitions motivating the record. "I kept asking myself: Can I hear this in an arena? Can I hear this on a teenager's iPod as they're riding the bus to school?"

Heartthrob bears the true hallmarks of a Tegan and Sara record. The songs are terrific, full of lust and longing and regret, bouncing between the familiar poles of erotic rapture ("Closer") and post-breakup despondency ("How Come You Don't Want Me"). But the lyrics seem less confessional than usual, a little more universal and philosophical, as if Tegan and Sara are reflecting on the experience of passion rather than undergoing its ecstasies and torments in real time.

Heartthrob gives us Tegan and Sara in their superhero tights and capes, ready to conquer the pop universe, and the new outfits suit them just as well as their old-school jeans and T-shirts. Don't be surprised if you hear these songs in an arena, or blasting on a car radio, or leaking from a teenager's earbuds on a bus. That's what they're made for.